"Wisdom Given" (ca. 2012) by Alexander Bashta III

DESCRIPTION: 12-foot by 8-foot by 7-foot painted steel sculpture on a 5-foot by 5-foot by 3-foot tile and concrete base

Artist's statement:
"The "golden-rod colored" crescent moon shape represents non-man made, naturally occurring structures, rising, but that's all it can do. The "beige colored" rising triangle, pulled in different dimensions at its peaks, is man's technology, still only able to do what we tell it to do, and we are limited. The center rings, "light sky blue/dark cyn blue", is the "Oracle" itself, each ring separate but together one large ring, shares its knowledge, its ideas, its wisdom, thus giving the "Questioning, Seeking Spire" "dark olive/light olive greens" in the center of the rings the sources it needs to grow in thought and reason and direction.  It now has the tools it needs to reach its goals, it now thrives from "Wisdom Given"." 
Alexander Bashta III
 Public Art in Public Places Project

 Public Art in Public Places Project

LOCATION:  in front of Oracle Plaza, 
73-585 Fred Waring Drive, 
Palm Desert, CA