"The Freedom Sculpture - Freedom: A Shared Dream" (2017) by Cecil Balmond  

20,400-pound, 15-foot by 20-foot by 9-foot sculpture of water jet-cut powder-coated stainless steel double cylinders, 
supported by two 15-foot diameter high polish stainless steel rings, 
mounted on an approx. 10-foot by 18-foot by 4-inch travertine stone platform, 
and incorporating internal LED lighting

"The design of the Freedom Sculpture was inspired by the Cyrus Cylinder, an ancient artifact from 2,500 years ago, widely considered the first declaration of human rights. The Freedom Sculpture is evocative of this artifact with its design as an allusion to Cyrus the Great and his impact on the Founding Fathers of America.  Cyrus the Great was a direct inspiration to the Founding Fathers of America, who put his humanitarian ideals of individual freedoms, respect for other religions and multicultural inclusiveness into the core of the U.S. Constitution."

center traffic median, Santa Monica Blvd. at Century Park East, Century City, Los Angeles, CA

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