"Hammering Man" (1988) by Jonathan Borofsky
DESCRIPTION:  one of a series of monumental kinetic sculptures:
22-foot painted steel sculpture with motorized arm movement (disabled)

COMMENTARY: This sculpture's currently-disabled kinetic "hammering arm" is a notable example of aging kinetic public artworks that are uniquely vulnerable to disrepair and neglect to the degree of compromising the artistic integrity.  One of a series of monumental kinetic sculptures throughout the world, the design relies on an external motor and power sources, as well as robotic arm component, to achieve the artist's intended meaning and effect. 
The kinetic component was designed onto one side of the sculpture (shown in View 2 below) and relied on an electric motor installed at the sculpture's base under the pavement.  According to Borofsky, the hammering arm movement was designed to "move smoothly and meditatively up and down at a rate of four times per minute."    

View 1
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View 2
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LOCATION: southwest corner of Main Street and 
9th Street, 110 E. 9th Street, 
South Park, Los Angeles