"Gold Line Bridge" (2012) by Andrew Leicester

(also known as "Basketweave Bridge")

DESCRIPTION:  584-foot span sculptural rail bridge flanked by two 50-foot by 25-foot rebar and formed-concrete basket-weave sculptures  

From artist Andrew Leicester:  "The central theme of my design concept celebrates aspects of the early cultures of the San Gabriel Valley."  [...]
    "Some of the most notable and recognizable artifacts of these people’s culture are their elaborately designed baskets, which served both a utilitarian purpose and as valuable trading commodities. The baskets as artifacts have survived over the years and are highly prized. Their creation remains an ongoing tradition to this day."
    "The making of baskets and bridges share similar fabrication techniques. Both have an internal skeleton of interwoven linear material to describe the form, reed and rebar respectively, and filler and surfacing material to give rigidity—stem and clay for the basket and concrete for the bridge. Hence, the skeleton and its skin are manipulated to give expressive meaning as well as provide utility."   
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© Public Art in Public Places Project
© Public Art in Public Places Project

LOCATION:   above Foothill Freeway Interstate 210, 
west of Santa Anita Avenue, 
Arcadia, CA