"Skyspace:  Dividing the Light" (2007) by James Turrell
DESCRIPTION: Metal canopy with square aperture, lighting program, and reflection pool, surrounded by granite benches and landscaping
Lighting Program:
According to Pomona College, the lighting program is keyed to sunrise and sunset. The evening program begins about 10 minutes before sunset and continues for approximately 40 minutes. 
The sunrise program begins 1 hour before sunrise. 
Between lighting programs the canopy is illuminated, and a 3-minute "chime of light" occurs on the hour.
© Public Art in Public Places Project

Images from the evening lighting display:
© Public Art in Public Places Project              
© Public Art in Public Places Project        

© Public Art in Public Places Project        

LOCATION: Draper Courtyard (Pomona College campus),
northwest corner of Sixth Street and College Way,
Claremont, CA

Access:  Due to its size and prominence, this public artwork is one of the few on the Pomona College campus generally open to the outside public. Located within a campus courtyard, some access restrictions may exist.  For specific inquiries and for visits by large groups, contact Pomona College, (909) 621-8134.