"Electric Fountain" (1931) by Robert Merrell Gage, Ralph Carlin Flewelling"

DESCRIPTION: This historic 1931 fountain has a circular raised sculptural fountain pool within a larger 30-foot diameter pool edged with ceramic tile, designed by architect Ralph Carlin Flewelling. The fountain's focal point is the granite sculpture of a Tongva Native American, surrounded by bas relief stone sculpture around the inner raised pool, both designed by sculptor Robert Merrell Gage.  Tile pavement and lighting components have been added.  
  • Six-foot stone sculpture of Tongva-Gabrieleno Native American tribe member, kneeling in prayer, on 20-foot stone column
  • Bas relief stone sculptures on a 3-foot high circular fountain wall
  • Mosaic terracotta tile pavement insets illustrating the community's early history and development
  • Color lighting program at dusk
HISTORY: According to the City of Beverly Hills, the Electric Fountain was a gift to the City from Elizabeth (Fraser) Lloyd, mother of Harold Lloyd, famous silent film actor and comedian. The fountain's installation was funded by the Women's Club of Beverly Hills, California.
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DETAIL (sculpture):
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DETAIL (bas relief sculpture):
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DETAIL (mosaic pavement tiles):
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LOCATION:  northeast corner of Wilshire Blvd. and 
North Santa Monica Blvd., Beverly Gardens Park, 
Beverly Hills, CA