"Of Two Lineages" (2017) by James Dinh  
17-foot cylindrical painted steel sculpture with 100 facets, surrounded by a square plaza space with built-in concrete benches lined with photographs of 100 Vietnamese-Americans
From the artist: 
"to represent the 100 children of the Vietnamese origin story, and to resemble a paper lantern or the trunk of a bamboo tree" - James Dinh 

 Public Art in Public Places Project

Artist's Statement from Plaque:

A long time ago there lived a king named
Lac Long Quan, who ruled over the lowlands of an
ancient country, a place blessed with abundant rivers
and coastlines.  One day he met and married a 
princess named Au Co, who hailed from the 
mountains, a land of lush forests and clouds.  From 
their union one hundred eggs were born.  After 
hatching, fifty of the children followed their father to 
his kingdom, and the other half ascended to the 
highlands with their mother.  These one hundred 
children are believed to be the ancestors of the 
Vietnamese people, who often refer to themselves as 
Con Rong, Chau Tien
or children of the Dragon and the Fairy.

The artwork is a contemporary re-telling of this 
legend.  Out of the tears of history, a people rebuilt a 
new community and took roots in a land so different 
from the one whence they came.  Yet, as the 
decendants of the one-hundred children, these 
people will always be connected to the ancestral land 
through legends, traditions, and family ties.
James Dinh
May 2017

 Public Art in Public Places Project

LOCATION:  northeast of the north entrance to the 
Phước Lộc Thọ / Asian Garden Mall, 
9200 Bolsa Avenue, Westminster, CA