"George Washington" (1933) by Jean-Antoine Houdon  
DESCRIPTION:  life-size bronze statue of George Washington on a 3-foot by 3-foot granite pedestal
[This statue is a bronze copy of Jean-Antoine Houdon's original 1796 granite statue produced in Paris and installed in the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond, Virginia. It is one of approximately 30 bronze copies produced by Gorham Manufacturing Co. in the late 19th Century. This copy was acquired in 1933 by the Los Angeles Women's Community Service, and presented to the County of Los Angeles on Feb. 22, 1933, the 201st anniversary of George Washington's birthday.]

© Public Art in Public Places Project

© Public Art in Public Places Project

 Public Art in Public Places Project

LOCATION:  Grand Park (west of Hill Street), 
Civic Center, Los Angeles, CA