"Anthony Quinn" or "The Pope of Broadway" (1984) by Eloy Torrez

(Part of the Victor Clothing Co. murals)

DESCRIPTION: 70-foot by 55-foot acrylic mural portrait of Anthony Quinn shown in his dance stance from his role in "Zorba The Greek" [see  references].

THE PUBLIC ART [2017 restoration]:
© Public Art in Public Places Project

© Public Art in Public Places Project

LOCATION:  259 W. Third Street, 
Historic Core, Los Angeles, CA

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"Zorba the Greek" dance scene

Restoration by Eloy Torrez in January 2017:
   "The Pope of Broadway" Beautifully Restored"  Public Art in Public Places BLOGSPOT 1/25/2017
    "Downtown's 'Pope of Broadway' Mural..." Los Angeles Times 1/25/17