"Psychogeographies" (2015) by Dustin Yellin  
DESCRIPTION:  six 7-foot by 4-foot, 16-inch thick, freestanding glass and steel panels containing 28 painted and image-laden glass sheets
Artist's statement:  
It is important that both material and process are evident in the work's form.  I use multiple glass layers to create structural three-dimensional collage.  The massive scale and heaviness of the glass is countered by the light paper and painting elements, which embellish the surfaces.  I situate objects within objects to build forms.  I see some correspondence between this practice and the way we conceive of nature as a totality composed out of myriad elements.  Similarly, I believe our selves to be composites of diverse, interconnected images--knotted forms animated by entangled and shifting truths.    
The "Psychogeographies" represent life as lived in this particular moment, as people become more and more the composite not only of the web, but of the cities in which they live, the lights, and streams of traffic, the large televisual apparatuses and blinking signs.  Each figure represents and categorizes culture's diverse and diffusive energies; all modes and walks of life seem to converge here and then disperse from there.
- Dustin Yellin

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 Public Art in Public Places Project

LOCATION:  Columbia Square, 
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