"LA:  City of Angels" (1993) by Cynthia Carlson
DESCRIPTION:  station art consisting of an acrylic mural with 11 painted aluminum panels symbolizing individual angel wings named for local founding families 
Additional information:
The artist constructed eleven wings, each representing one of 11 Mexican, Native American, and African-American founding families and named for an angel, which hover over the blue and green California coastline depicted in the mural. The metaphorical references of each wing are:
Ram'khastra:  Angel of Rarified Air
Sui'el:  Angel of Earthquakes
Mika'il:  Angel of Insomnia
Gabriel:  Angel of Mercy
Janax:  Angel of Monday
Sut:  Angel of Lies
Zahun:  Angel of Scandal
Dagiel:  Angel of Fish
Sofiel:  Angel of Vegetables
Rohab:  Angel of the Sea
Nogah:  Cools the Earth in Summer

 Public Art in Public Places Project
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LOCATION:  interior location:  above escalators, 
west entrance, Metro Red Line Union Station, 
Union Station, 800 N. Alameda Street, 
El Pueblo, Los Angeles, CA