"The Evolution of Los Angeles" (1988-1989) by Tony Sheets
DESCRIPTION:  66-foot by 35-foot building-mounted concrete relief sculpture

COMMENT:  Mounted below Sheets' relief sculpture are four plaques bearing quotes from civic leaders Otis Chandler, John Anson Ford, Mayor Tom Bradley, and Henry E. Huntington.  It is unclear whether Sheets intended these plaques as companions to his piece or whether the city added them later.
The companion piece to this relief sculpture is "The Evolution of Printing,"  located on the building's east façade facing Spring Street.

 Public Art in Public Places Project

© Public Art in Public Places Project
© Public Art in Public Places Project

Plaques with quotations:

LOCATION:  west façade of Los Angeles Times 
parking garage, 200 block of S. Broadway Avenue, 
Historic Core, Los Angeles, CA