PRESS RELEASE - April 12, 2017


Public Art from Southern California and Hawaii online on

 Google Arts & Culture

April 12, 2017 – Starting Wednesday, an initial selection of more than fifty public artworks and two curated exhibits from PUBLIC ART IN PUBLIC PLACES can be viewed online on Google Arts & Culture by people around the world, due to the new partnership between Google and PUBLIC ART IN PUBLIC PLACES PROJECT.  Thanks to these new virtual exhibitions, users can see high resolution images and videos of Southern California’s and Hawaii’s incredible public sculptures, statues and murals in just a few clicks at Google Arts & Culture.  This unprecedented contribution of Public Art data from the Public Art in Public Places archives to Google Arts & Culture includes California’s and Hawaii’s most famous artworks: “Urban Light” by Chris Burden (Los Angeles, California, US), and the statue “Duke Kahanamoku” by Jan Gordon Fisher (Honolulu, Hawaii, US), each receiving hundreds of daily visitors.

Digital Exhibits: Two specially curated digital exhibits have been created for online visitors from the PUBLIC ART IN PUBLIC PLACES database of more than three thousand public artworks:

“Surfing Culture and Public Art” explores the surfing themes used by communities across Southern California and Hawai’i who share their appreciation of surfing history, legend and the coastal environment.  The Duke Kahanamoku statue, a popular destination in Honolulu, Hawaii, introduces the Exhibit.

“Kinetic Public Art” presents the foundation and evolution of kinetic sculpture in Southern California from the 20th century, with an introductory focus on the kinetic works of George Rickey, and with video data to illustrate each artwork’s kinetic properties.

K. M. Williamson Ph.D., Director of PUBLIC ART IN PUBLIC PLACES, is pleased that PUBLIC ART IN PUBLIC PLACES has this unprecedented opportunity to make this significant and first-ever contribution of its public art data to  Google Arts & Culture, and several additional Exhibits and public artworks are slated for contribution in the near future.


PUBLIC ART IN PUBLIC PLACES PROJECT is an international leader in promoting knowledge and enjoyment of public art.  It is committed to improving the visibility and accessibility of permanent public art sculptures, murals, and artworks as cultural and historic treasures and as a foundation for popular discourse and civic mindedness. 

       In collaboration with local governments, news media, on-line technology firms, and arts and cultural organizations, PUBLIC ART IN PUBLIC PLACES provides the broadest and most inclusive global dissemination of public art information for more than 3,000 public artworks in more than 200 cities in Southern California and Hawai'i.  PUBLIC ART IN PUBLIC PLACES is a non-commercial not-for-profit arts organization.  For more information, visit


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K. M. Williamson, Ph.D. 

Claremont, CA 91711   Irvine, CA 92697


from Google Arts & Culture Exhibit 
"Surfing Culture and Public Art: 
Surfing Themes in Public Art from Southern California and Hawai'i"

from Google Arts & Culture Exhibit 
"Kinetic Public Art: 
From 20th Century Abstract Forms to 21st Century Site-Specific Works"