PROJECT MISSION: Promoting knowledge and enjoyment of public art


Public Art in Public Places is an international leader in developing knowledge and enjoyment of public art in the public realm.  It is committed to the enrichment of civic life throughout the world by improving the visibility and accessibility of permanent public art - artworks in public places that reflect historic treasures as well as new and emerging art forms.  Public Art in Public Places is committed to the value of public art as an agent of change that can provide an engaging foundation for popular discourse and community-mindedness.


Established in 2006, the Project's collaborations with local government, news media, on-line technology firms, and arts and cultural organizations work toward the broadest global dissemination of information on existing public artworks.  Public Art in Public Places is a non-commercial not-for-profit arts organization.



On-Line Exhibits

Public Art in Public Places publishes special thematic on-line exhibits on public art forms, artists, cultural themes and locales.  Public Art in Public Places employs the Google Cultural Institute's Exhibit 

platform supporting high-definition image data and multi-media components.

News and Editorial Features

Public Art in Public Places publishes news and commentary on public art in the Southern California and Hawaii regions and beyond, with special emphasis on recent public art installations and associated community events. 


Public Art Archives by City 

Public Art in Public Places produces one of the largest and most accurate on-line public art archives of permanent public art. It maintains and publishes official information on public sculptures, murals, statues, and station art, as well as monuments, landmarks and memorials from hundreds of government sources.  

The Project's PUBLIC ART ARCHIVES BY CITY provides essential information on thousands of artworks in more than 200 cities and communities throughout Los Angeles, Southern California and Hawaii, and is free and publicly accessible on the web.   


Public Art in Public Places

K. M. Williamson