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San Diego


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Artworks listed with PA have been publicly funded through local public art programs.





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San Diego 13-foot 22-ton granite sculpture; 9-foot base with mosaic tiles; fountain "Guardian of Water" (1939) by Donal Hord  [partial W.P.A.-funded project] harbor side of San Diego County Administration Center building, 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego


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San Diego County
San Diego 20-foot by 25-foot by 15-foot polished stainless steel sculpture "Breaking the Chains" (1995) by Melvin Edwards  PA Martin Luther King, Jr. Promenade, near the Convention Center Trolley Station, 301 First Avenue, San Diego

San Diego ceramic mosaic mural (octopus)"Swimmer Solstice" (1998) by Robin Brailsford  PA South Pacific Beach Lifeguard Tower, Grand Avenue at Oceanfront, Pacific Beach, San Diego


San Diego ceramic mosaic mural with neon lighting "The Terrific Pacific" (1998) by Robin Brailsford  PA side of South Pacific Beach Lifeguard Tower, Grand Avenue at Oceanfront, Pacific Beach, San Diego  
San Diego 1,200-foot mural 
"Journey to Aztlan" (2001) by Einar de la Torre and Jamex de la Torre 
north and south retaining walls along Harbor Drive, San Diego Convention Center, 111 West Harbor Drive, San Diego

City of San Diego  
San Diego 14-foot bronze and gold leaf sculpture with nighttime lighting "Shedding the Cloak" (2001) by Mary Lynn Dominguez, Jerry Dumalo and Tama Dumalo  PA Martin Luther King, Jr. Promenade at Harbor Avenue and Market Street (City Front Terrace), San Diego

San Diego ceramic tile mosaic pillars "Oceanlife, Sun & Waves" (2002) by Kim Emerson  PAGrand Avenue traffic median between Fanuel Street and Haines Street, Pacific Beach, San Diego  


San Diego landscaping and building surface treatments "Pump Station 4" (2004) by Teddy Cruz and Marcos Ramirez2799 Carleton Street, Point Loma, San Diego 

San Diego mural "San Ysidro Heritage Mural" (2004) by Raul Espinoza  interior lobby, Cesar Chavez Community Center, 455 Sycamore Road, San Ysidro, San Diego   
San Diego wall-mounted art; landscaping "Fire Station 29" (2005) by Jeri Deneen  "Fire Station 29 - San Ysidro, 179 W. San Ysidro Boulevard, San Ysidro, San Diego   
San Diego wall-mounted art; landscaping  "Fire Station 12" (2005) by Jeri Deneen  Fire Station 12 - Lincoln Park, 4964 Imperial Avenue, Lincoln Park, San Diego  

San Diego 180-foot cast cement frieze "Fire Hose Frieze" (2005) by Paul Hobson  Fire Station 31 - Del Cerro, 6002 Camino Rico, Del Cerro, San Diego  

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Paul Hobson  
San Diego bronze sculpture; bronze pavement dance-step markers; history plaque
"Pelican Brown" (2005) by TJ Dixon, James Nelson and Jan Phillips  South Pacific Beach Lifeguard Tower, Grand Avenue at Oceanfront Pacific Beach, San Diego  PA

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TJ Dixon and James Nelson  
San Diego floor mosaic  "College-Rolando Continuum" (2005) by Christopher Lee  interior lobby, College-Rolando Branch Library, 6600 Montezuma Road, San Diego 

San Diego concrete, steel, glass and neon gateway sculpture "Mid City Gateway" or "El Cajon Boulevard Transit Plaza Gateway" (2006) by Paul Hobson  PA  El Cajon Boulevard Transit Plaza over Interstate 15, City Heights, San Diego

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Paul Hobson  
San Diego 18-foot metal sculpture with directional signs; bench mosaics "Achievement / Progress / Community: In the Spirit of Cesar E. Chavez" (2006) by Mario Lara, John Hiemstra, Louise Torio, Todd McKerrow, Pita Ruiz and Ruben Seja  25th Street & Commercial Street Trolley Station, Sherman Heights, San Diego 

Mario Lara 
San Diego fire station 47 art "Random Order" (2007) by Barbara Grygutis  6041 Edgewood Bend Court, Pacific Highlands Ranch, San Diego 

City of San Diego  
San Diego stainless steel sculpture "Twist and Sprout" (2007) by Blue McRightentrance, North University Community Branch Library, 8820 Judicial Drive, San Diego  Photo, additional information:
San Diego Architectural Foundation 
San Diego painted bird houses "Tweet Street Urban Bird Houses" (2008) by Kirk Crown, Bobbi Lewis, Bernard Bobitch, Joel Sotelo, Lilia Peji, Bob Gromosky, Amy Ennis Achaibou, Amy Levine, Miguel Salmeron, Rafael Lopez, and Daniel Renner
Cortez Hill Park, Date Street between 7th Avenue and 9th Avenue, San DiegoPhoto, additional information:
Urban Art Trail - San Diego 
San Diego series of metal sculptures"Landsailers" (2008-2013) by Neal Bociek  [5-year exhibit]various locations in Pacific Beach and La Jolla, San Diego Photos:
Neal Bociek  
Neal Bociek 
San Diego mural "Phoenix Rising" (2009) by Rafael Lopez with students and community members San Diego Cooperative Charter School, 7260 Linda Vista Road, San Diego 

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Rafael Lopez  
San Diego 30 pillar-mounted ceramic mosaic panels depicting 9 eras of San Diego history (Before 1542, 1769,
1769-1821, 1821-1846, 1846-1867, 1867-1916, 1916-1946, 1946-1972, 1972-2009

"Mission to Masterpiece:  San Diego's History Told Through Tile Art" (2009) by Betsy Schulz  PA  west (track) side of Sapphire Tower, Santa Fe Depot, 1050 Kettner Blvd., San Diego

San Diego 64-foot wall-mounted  lighting installation "Signalscape" (2011) by Miki Iwasaki  PA   interior baggage claim area, Terminal 1, San Diego International Airport, San Diego  Photos: 
Miki Isasaki  
San Diego 60-foot multi-media (attached books) mural "Hiding My Candy" (2013) by Donald Lipsky interior auditorium walls, San Diego Central Library, Park Boulevard and 11th Avenue, San Diego 

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San Diego wall-mounted 10-foot by 12-foot photograph reproduction mural on aluminum "Last Call" (2014) by Allison Renshaw  PAparking structure north stairwell wall, Waterfront Park, 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego  


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Encinitas Advocate 
San Diego wall-mounted 10-foot by 10-foot photograph reproduction mural on aluminum "Starting Over" (2014) by Harold Cohen  PA parking structure south stairwell wall, Waterfront Park, 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego

San Diego 3 sculptures
covered with
ceramic tile mosaic
"Serpent Tree", "Cat", and
"#19 Baseball Player" 
(2015) by Niki de Saint Phalle  

(on loan 2015-2027)

Waterfront Park, 1600 Pacific Highway,
San Diego  
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San Diego County News Center 
San Diego
(La Jolla)
mural "Blah, Blah, Blah" (2015) by Mel
 Bochner  PA
rear side of former Hotel Parisi
building, Prospect Street, and Herschel
Avenue, 1111 Prospect Street,
La Jolla, San Diego

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La Jolla Light