"Beach Scenes" (c. 1970) by Millard Sheets and Sheets Studio 
(originally untitled; also known to as "Pleasures Along the Beach")

NOTE:  This famous Millard Sheets mosaic was removed for transfer to the Hilbert Museum of California Art on the Chapman University campus in Orange, California.  Chapman University is a private Christian university.
DESCRIPTION:  16-foot high by 40-foot wide building-mounted ceramic and glass mosaic
COMMENT:  This mosaic is notable for its size, popular subject, and full signature of Millard Sheets.  It was one of the largest Home Savings and Loan branch mosaics, made with significant contribution from Nancy Colbath.  It remains one of the most popular of the Sheets Studio mosaics (notable for the bikini-clad girl), despite not being highly regarded by either Sheets or Colbath (Arenson, 2018).

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Signature (Millard Sheets)

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LOCATION:  June 2019:  arranged to be transferred to and installed at Hilbert Museum, Chapman University, 167 N. Atchison Street, Orange, CA